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Copenhagen | Denmark

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Disclaimer: This track is used with permission by The Year and URM Academy. The original production was done by Tiago Candas and Rodolfo Jaca, mix was done by Tiago Canadas. This new mix is an unofficial version and not on the actual release Listen to the official mix here.
Disclaimer: This track is used with permission by Binary Code and URM Academy. The original production and mix were done by Eyal Levi and John Douglass. This new mix is an unofficial version and not on the actual release. Listen to the official mix here.

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Probably the loudest cloud in existence.

Stuff I can help out with

Click or tap over special words to play audio snippets of the kind of sound I'm referring to in that context.
The snippet plays the unaltered sound followed by the altered one. It's pretty subtle sometimes ! :)

Mixing & Mastering

Taking your raw tracks to the next level ! During mixing, I'll be going into extreme detail into processing individual tracks to complement and blend with each other, creating one cohesive and balanced mix. With mastering, working with a printed mix, I'll be focusing on adding extra characteristics, such as "lush", "movement" , perceived loudness through saturation and other tricks so that the final product holds against other commercial productions.

Production & Tracking

We'll set up a creative environment and work side-by-side to get that idea in your head into the real world. On the production side of things, we'll focus on songwriting, arrangements, sound, balancing and vibe. Then it'll be time to capture your best performance. The goal is to have a great sound way before the mixing stage.

Re-amping, Editing, Extra Arrangements

The kind of "behind the scenes" labor work we sometimes take for granted. I can help you with re-amping your guitars & bass for the tone that perfectly matches the context, jump on detailed editing work to improve the tightness of the performance. I can also take the time to add arrangements & post-production for that extra excitement and dynamic range your song needs.

Songwriting, advice, consultancy

Looking for an external perspective on your demos and take them to the next level ? Do you have a vision but are in "writer's block" ? Do you need mixing advice ? I'm always stoked to help out with whatever I possibly can. :)


Send a message and let's work together!
Write down the scope of the project, services you require, deadline and budget, then reach out to me through any of the following means.



Mobile/ SMS

+46 73-340 02 59